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The alanis morissette tribute band


Formed by seasoned musicians, who have almost two decades of experience in the tribute scene.
Aiming to bring you a high quality musical experience, with an authentic look, while enjoying the music of an artist that shaped our early listening.

The band are truly gifted to have the supremely talented Dee Livermore at the helm.
A fantastic and versatile vocalist with a diverse musical background… who conveniently happens to have that matchless Alanis look and sound.

The songs are played with an energy and passion that only true fans could deliver and in a way that hopes to give you a little flavour of an actual live Alanis Morissette show.

dee livermore

Dee took a lot of persuading to start singing in public, but when she did…. WOW! She has proven how versatile she is as a vocalist, with rock covers band Guess! acoustic duo/trio Red Letter Days, country band Nashville Heart & recording original music with Tom Blood and the band Envoys.

andy smith

A fiercely talented multi-instrumentalist, song writer and seasoned performer.
Gigging since he was just 13, he's been in all the bands, toured the UK and only had 2 weekends.. Probably to see either Foo Fighters or Green Day

mark pitchforth

He's been playing for ages and should be better. Studied music at Wakefield college & during his time in the industry has performed at guitar clinics with Robbie Gladwell, Hugh Burns, Neal Schon and demo'd for Eko and Minarik guitars in Europe and America

geoff livermore

Geoff’s musical education started early with his older siblings blasting him with Hendrix, Sabbath, Hawkwind, Zepplin, Elvis, Stones, Fleetwood Mac, Christopher Cross etc until he began to discover his own shizzle. A veteran musician who’s been playing since the age of 14 and an original member of Fore Fighters

ric white

30 years on the tubs (we know, he doesn't look old enough....). As well as hitting stuff for Alanis and Fore Fighters, Ric is also in the bombastic Zero3 and he loves to make a right old racket!


the alanis morissette tribute band
  • ..incredible band covering Alanis Morrissette.
    Metal Talk Magazine
  • Storming set. Absolutely top notch🤘
  • Fantastic set at Legends Of Rock first time I have seen you and hope to catch you again
  • You were amazing yesterday, it felt like watching the real thing, massive emotion - I was almost unabashedly bawling my eyes out - thank u, x
  • You were awesome at Glastonbudget Music Festival
  • fantastic performance 🙌🎶
    Sounds Alive UK
  • Your set was great. We saw Alanis live last year & your act is amazing!
  • You were brilliant 🤩 xx
  • You blew us away. Sure will see you again 🤘
    J W
  • Brilliant set, you smashed it 🤩
  • Fantastic night, you guys were brilliant! xx
  • U were awesome thanks
  • Fab gig!! Great to see you! 🤘😎🎵
  • Absolutely awesome 👌 fantastic gig. Best wishes and good luck for the future.. you rock 🤟
    Simon J
  • Wow you were brilliant 👏
  • Fantastic!